Frugal Fall Fun!

Hey Guys! I’m back with another exciting Fall post! Today I’m going to be telling you guys some awesome activities, that will not break the bank, to do this Fall. I will also include a really easy to use, FREE app that helps you keep track of your finances. This app will definitely come in handy when you are out enjoying the Fall activities that I am about to tell you about! Here is a link to the app: Personal Capital’s Net Worth App (IT’S FREE!). REMINDER: the costs in this post are not set, prices range. This is just my personal experience that I hope you guys will try!  Continue reading


Monster Movies

The leaves are changing colors, TV networks are playing only the best scary movies, and our skeletons are coming out of the attic…. MUST BE OCTOBER WITCHES!   Continue reading

Warming Up To Fall

Back with another weekly post for my Fall collab! I’ve enjoyed coming up with new, creative material this past month of September and I’m now looking forward to October! As always, my fellow collab bloggers will be linked at the end!

I’ve decided to do this post a bit differently than your typical “Fall Look Book”. I’m going to go over three must-have clothing items and well you will see!:)

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FALL Into Georgia

Hey Guys!

 I’m back with another Fall Collab post! My fellow collab bloggers will be linked below so make sure you check their blogs out and give them a follow if you would like to!:) Continue reading

I Would Give Anything.

Okay so today is World Suicide Prevention Day. The entire month of September is dedicated to raising awareness and hope for the ones who feel as if they have none. I’m going to share something extremely personal and close to my heart; I feel as if my purpose in life now is to tell my story, my Brother’s story and maybe, just maybe something will change or someone will be saved. 
In April of 2016 I lost my bestfriend, my comedian, my heart, my little Brother. You never think suicide will effect you or your loved ones in any way, at least I didn’t.  In no universe did I ever think I would ever be living life without him. He was only 15 years old and he lit up my life everyday. Seth was a shining light in this world filled with darkness. There are no words to describe the emptiness I feel without him here. This post is not to discourage or bring anyone down. I just want anyone who hurts this way to know that you are not alone. No matter how hopeless or alone you feel,  someone out there is fighting for you;  I’M FIGHTING FOR YOU. There are no excuses that should be made for bullies or mental health issues. Mental health issues are real!  Mental health is just as important,  if not more,  as physical health. 

No one wants to talk about suicide. It’s such a sensitive topic and I understand that. But if we do not talk about it,  how will there be justice for the loved ones we’ve lost?  How will we save others? I never want any families or friends to lose the light on their lives to suicide. It is so heartbreaking,  I can not begin to describe how it feels even today. You still have to continue with your life after any kind of loss, even when you just want to break down. The world still turns and people will say or do things to remind you of what happened,  but it isn’t their fault, they do not know what you’re going through. 

I am in no way a pro writer or speaker but I do know that I should speak up and talk about what happened. Not only should I speak up for my brother,  I should speak up for everyone who has felt that there was no better way. I should speak up for the broken and so have felt forgotten. Please reach out,  please speak up and raise awareness. There’s still so much to be done and said. I know that if someone asked me,”What would you give to have your brother here today? “, I would give ANYTHING💛
“You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing.” E.B. White 

I loved you then,  I love you now,  I love you always. Rest in the sweetest peace little Brother.

To Write Love On Her Arms

You guys check out the above site. It’s something that has helped and educated me. Thanks so much for reading. Remember,  you are never alone. 
     XO LEE

It’s Fall Y’all!

For the next 3 months I will be collabing with 5 other bloggers. We are all so excited about this and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we do! The theme for this collab is all about the Fall season; we will be posting weekly so keep an eye out for our posts:) I will also link all of their names at the end of this post, so if any of you would like to follow them please do!  Continue reading


Hey Guys!


Earlier today I posted about an exciting collaboration opportunity: ANNOUNCEMENT!! The deadline for anyone wanting to join is August 31st. Anyone with a love for fall or all things scary are more than welcome to join the collab. There are 6 spots left and when those spots are filled I will let you guys know! When the spots are filled, the details of the schedule and other small details will be given. I do not want it to be just the same old collab posts, I really want it to be unique! The Fall season lasts about 3 months (September-November) and I would like it to go on through that. You can submit posts and schedule them to come out later or we could all figure a set schedule out that works for all of us as a team. As you can see, I’m very flexible and open to ideas. This collaboration is all about positivity and getting to do what we all love, writing! As I also said in the announcement post: storytimes, a day in the life. how-tos, make-up tutorials, Fall outfits, etc. are welcome!  Of course, credit will be given and we will all promote eachother and just create a positive, fun environment in general. The tiny details are still being worked out and this is just a little post to get the word out there and let you guys know a little more about the project, such as a Fall Series. So, if you want to join, email me at: . Here is a link for my contact info as well: Contact . Ideas and suggestions are welcome! Simply send me an email with you name and blog’s name and tell me if you are interested! Thank you guys so much for the support, I look forward to working with you guys on this!!




Just a quick little update/announcement before I go to work.  I would love to do a big collaboration with several other bloggers. The topic will be everything Fall or Halloween related. Stories,  quotes, story times,  outfits,  etc are welcome!! I will do a bit more explaining tonight around 8 or 9 p.m. so please be looking out for it if you are interested!:) You can email me at if you are at all interested or have any suggestions for bloggers who might be!  Thank you so so much you guys!

Thank You

SO I am currently home in my comfy bed (FINALLY)! I absolutely enjoyed my mini vacation and I am so blessed to have had such an new, amazing experience. As I said in my previous post A Day In The Life: Beach Edition, I find beauty in the smaller things in life. My boyfriend and I rode around on the island on our bikes yesterday and I loved the scenery! This trip was so important for me, as I am still grieving for my brother. I try to not dwell on negativity or try to bring you guys down so before I get into this further I just want to let you guys know that! As I was saying, this trip was very much needed for me. Any of you that have lost a loved one may know the feeling that I’m trying to hard to explain, lol. Obviously I will always, ALWAYS miss my brother and I will forever love him but for me to process his death, I had to realize that he would not want me to be sad and down. Yes, I have my moments and days where I just can not get past the negative parts but the peace I eventually feel over powers that. So if you are going through anything like this, if you can, take a little vacation. It will let you focus on the positive thoughts and really block out the negative. I am just so so thankful to have the memories and years I had with him. This trip really opened my eyes so much and without realizing it, I got more peace from it. I came home and just felt to relieved and overall thankful for just life. I got to thinking about the support I’ve received from you guys and how lucky I am to be able to help others in any way I can. For a while after his death I was so iffy about talking to others about suicide or mental health and now I understand why. It is such a sensitive subject and again not trying to bring you guys down! I am still so protective over him and others that have similar troubles. A lot of people are so afraid of speaking out, in fear of what others will think and for the sake of their privacy. In no way am I asking for attention, I just want others to be educated and know the huge impact it could have if we actually speak out about it. This world is not perfect, no matter how much we might all want it to be; if it were, we would all have love and be rich, haha. Life is hard sometimes and this trip really just got to me and I said Thank You just so much to God and just for my life. So Thank You guys SO much for the support and Thank You for reading, even though it was a bit of a rant, lol!

For The Brighter Days Ahead…


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