50 Facts About Me

Being a new blogger, I felt like I needed to include more about me so you guys can get to know me better:

  1. I’m a Sagittarius (December 16th, 1996)
  2. I’m a huge horror fan
  3. Fall is my absolute favorite season
  4. I was born and raised in Georgia
  5. I love astronomy
  6. I love to be outdoors (hiking, kayaking, swimming, etc.)
  7. I decorate for Halloween like someone else would decorate for Christmas ( again horror fan)
  8. My style is pretty diverse, as long as it’s comfortable
  9. Mental health awareness is very important to me
  10. I am a Christian but will not shame you if you are not ( no judgement)
  11. I love to read and write
  12. I’m organized but I can never seem to find anything when I need it
  13. I love flowers ( peonies, sunflowers & roses specifically)
  14. Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars fan ALL the way
  15. I am 5’4
  16. I have two dogs (labs), Bella and Blu, and a cat named Kitty Kat( yes seriously lol)
  17. I use to DREAD the gym but overtime and a lot of bribing later, I’ve grown to love it
  18. I could watch hair/make-up tutorials all day
  19. I binge watched 9 full seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in about 2 weeks ( and that’s being overly fair)
  20. Halsey, Johnny Cash, Lana Del Rey, and The Weeknd are just a few of my favorite musicians
  21. I’ve broken my left arm 4 times (reckless)
  22. My favorite colors change but right now they are peach and blue
  23. Speaking of peach, it is also my favorite fruit
  24. I try to only drink water but peach tea is definitely my go to
  25. Shopping is therapeutic for me
  26. If I could meet a celebrity from the past it would either be Johnny Cash or Kurt Cobain
  27. I love to try new things
  28. Yoga is something that I really want to get into but have not yet
  29. I did gymnastics for a long period of time until I broke my arm and could no longer participate
  30. ” To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” (David Viscott) is THE quote for me right now
  31. I’m an overall laid back, outgoing person but I have little to no patience
  32. I want to travel the world ( but again who doesn’t?)
  33. Matching my clothes is a priority for me
  34. I love sports: football, volleyball, baseball, really anything
  35. Art in all forms is something that intrigues me
  36. I love the sound of rain especially at night
  37. I am TERRIFIED of snakes and spiders ( basic I know!)
  38. I love making new friends
  39. I used to be the biggest procrastinator but from learning the hard way, I’ve somehow overcome it
  40. I can NEVER remember anything
  41. I am of Spanish & Italian decent
  42. I am in love with Italian food
  43. I think Kevin Hart and Adam Sandler are hands down two of the funniest people on Earth
  44. Pocahontas and Ariel are my favorite Disney Princesses
  45. I never want to work in a hospital again
  46. My dream job would be a dolphin trainer
  47. I prefer twitter over instagram
  48. I have just a tiny bit a road rage at times (those quick stoppers like wtf?!)
  49. I could spend ALL DAY in Ulta/Sephora
  50. I started blogging because I obviously love to write and I have the hope of helping at least one person. Of course, I hope I help much more than that.


Thank you so much for reading and attempting to get to know me better. 




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