15 Things (The Good & The Bad) To Do While You’re Still Young

There are so many things to do, good and bad, while you’re young. This is all about the bad things that you should only do once and then learn from and the happiness you can get from just doing good some good things while you’re still young, as well.I’m definitely not promoting these bad things but let’s be honest,  everyone makes mistakes in their life no matter what we are told the right thing to do is.


  • TRAVEL: It doesn’t have to some exotic country but travel. Travel as much as you can and even as far as you can. You can learn so much just about people by leaving the small town you’re in now. Just like everything else, you have to leave your comfort zone to find out what you really like. There’s so much to experience and so much more to learn that you cannot really learn from a book or behind a desk in a small, dusty classroom. So, travel often and travel well!


  • BREAK THE RULES: As I said before, I’m not promoting bad things but when you’re young and having fun, you do not want to deal with curfews and (sometimes,lol) necessary rules. I have personally broke my curfew that I once had, countless times! Yes, there were consequences but at the time I was younger and I wanted to have as much fun as I possibly could (I still do). You just feel so free and you get a kind of adrenaline rush from breaking the rules. Break the rules now because if you get caught, then you (hopefully) learn your lesson. 


  • FOLLOW YOUR HEART- Always, always follow your heart and do what makes you happy, especially when you’re young. So take that job, love that person, play that sport, do what your heart tells you to do. You will learn so much about not only yourself but the people who you call friends now. If you make a mistake while following your heart, it will teach you so many lessons and eventually lead you to where you want/need to be. 


  • TAKE PICTURES- I know when you’re having fun, you completely forget about your phone,etc.; which is a great thing. Sometimes, I look back and really wish I had pictures of certain memories. So, when you have a moment take a picture, take 10! You will be so grateful that you have those moments you love so much, forever. 


  • GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY/OTHERS: You would be so surprised of how much impact this could have on someone’s day or even life. It makes you feel good and positive and others as well. It puts you outside of your comfort zone and this can create a chain of positivity and it can go on and on. Pay for the person next in line, volunteer at a local hospital, church, animal shelter, etc., speak to someone and give them hope. It can change your outlook of life and even others. (ALWAYS GIVE BACK,WHEN YOU CAN)


  • CHASE A GUY/GIRL WHO YOU KNOW ISN’T “THE ONE”- I’ve had so much experience and heartbreak from this. I liked someone and did everything for a person just knowing it wasn’t right. Doing this while your young will save you SO much time and heartache (possibly embarrassment, lol). Despite the advice we get from others about a relationship, we want to learn the hard way and do what we want, I understand that all to well. So happy chasing, ha! ( p.s. but please learn the 1st time and not the 5th.)


  • PUT UP WITH TERRIBLE FRIENDS: Now if they’re abusive in any way, ditch them! As I said before though, us young people just have to learn the hard way.Seriously though, it’s so much better to find out who your real friends are while you’re young. So if you’re going through “hell and high water” and all that person does is let you down and break your heart, etc. STOP TAKING THEIR CRAP! 


  • WASTE YOUR MONEY: This, I also have trouble with. Oh there’s a new make-up item? BUY! Favorite singer coming to town? BUYING TICKETS! All while I still have to do adult things like pay bills, put gas in my car, and other human things like eat. Wasting your money while your young instead of doing when you’re older is 100% recommended if you’re going to waste your money. It teaches you responsibility and how to have self control, haha. 


  • TRY A HORRIBLE HAIRSTYLE: If you’re tired of your hair and you want to chop it all of, GO FOR IT! I bet you that if it looks terrible, you will never do it again lol. I have also done this and cried for weeks because of it (a little over dramatic over here!) So go for it but think of how you will be disguising it for weeks to come, if it’s awful first!


  • LIVE FOR SOMEONE ELSE: This applies to any relationship, not just a boyfriend or girlfriend. Live for yourself, not for any other person in this world! You have to live with the decisions you make, not anyone else. If you’re envious of someone else or if you think another person will not like you anymore just for being yourself, stop. It’s better to do this while you’re young so you do not wake up in your late twenties miserable because you lived your life for someone else and not for you. 


  • PARTY!- Yes more than likely a young person will drink and go out despite them knowing that sometimes (depending on age) they’re not supposed to. It’s a known fact, ha. You will learn quickly what your limits are. Staying up until 6 a.m. and knowing you have work/school the next day is not the move. By all means, BE SAFE, but embarrass yourself, send risky texts. Again you will learn your limits and everyone will have pictures to prove it, lol.


  • GET A TATTOO/PIERCING: PSA: Piercings hurt and are very difficult to deal with but for me, it was 100% worth it; so I am so happy I am getting mine while I’m younger. Everyone always tells me, “if you get a tattoo, you’re going to regret it when you’re older.”, actually no. I think if I grow to be old, I will be happy period! Plus, if anyone is really judging me when I’m 80 years old seriously needs to reevaluate their outlook and learn to respect their elders haha. 


  • EAT JUNK: Since I have started to improve on my fitness, this isn’t something I want to do. Sixteen or Seventeen year old me though…. Not everyday of course but in moderation. Metabolisms slow as we grow older so take advantage now!


  • WORKOUT/ TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY: Yes, I know what I just said but you also need to be at least a bit health conscious. Take a walk, drink more water, get plenty of sleep; it helps so much! It will keep you from having health issues in the future. Plus, you feel pretty great in the process!


  • LEARN WHAT MAKEUP TRICKS & TIPS WORK FOR YOU: Take all the risks with make up now! It helps you learn the fast way and not every trick in makeup works for every person. Personally blue eye shadow is a no-go for me, but that’s me. Learn what you like and what you do not. It will also help you look your best when you’re older and help give advice to younger people than you. (YOUTUBE VIDEOS HELP!)


That’s all I have for tonight! Once again for the people in the back, I do not condone any bad habits or behavior lol. I just know what it’s like to be a little rebel (current situation). Making bad choices have helped me so much and taught me to not really let anyone elses opinion effect my life. It’s made me a much better, happier person. I had to learn the hard way and maybe, you won’t have to from reading this. Thanks so much for reading, goodnight lovelies!




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