A Day In The Life: Beach Edition

It has been a great day here on the island! My boyfriend had such a good 22nd birthday and I’m beyond thankful to be apart of his life. Before we get started my previous post about the haul By The Sea: Island Haul Under $22 (DAY 1)

needs to be discussed, lol. Everything worked extremely well! The E.L.F. eyeshadow brush blended and packed every color into my lids so well. The highlighters and concealers I got (Loreal Highlighter & Rimmel London Highlighter/ Concealer) worked wonders! I highly recommend it for you guys looking for a new, cheaper product! Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo also worked some hardcore miracles on my bed head this morning, haha! So yes, everything I got here worked fabulously! 10/10 recommend for everyone! Let’s get started on today’s little adventures!!


Well to start the day off we had breakfast on my balcony which was so relaxing and just so beautiful. I was just so caught up with it all and enjoying it that I forgot all about my phone; which is sometimes a great thing. We moved on to booking some bikes for a few hours to really explore what this island has to offer. It is so rich with history and beautiful scenery, these few pictures in this post really will not do it justice. We ended up riding about 2 miles on our bikes and just walking around and enjoying our time here. I was clearly a little nervous about getting on a bike after going without doing it for such a long time! After several attempts and a few laughs later, I got the hang of it, haha. 

Frozen Yogurt from Fuse

On our walkabout, we discovered a frozen yogurt, etc. place called Fuse. Obviously I was trying to get the best of the deal, haha. I put reeces, brownies, and strawberries on it. The flavors I chose were mocha chocolate and salted caramel….. SO GOOD! It was so refreshing and eating it on the patio they had was just so relaxing. If you ever come by this place when you’re traveling anywhere, stop by! 

I loved the view here!

After our bike rides we wanted to cool off and chill so we headed over to our resort’s pool area and again so relaxing! I am just so in awe of the beauty here. I tend to find beauty in such small things, which I love, it’s really the moments like this that I love. Just taking it all in and thanking God for the wonderful things he’s created. 


I got this whole outfit, awhile back, for under $50 dollars


He’s such a photographer (lol)


Happy Birthday to the sweetest soul, 22 looks SO good on you!

Before our dinner, we really wanted to go down by the beach and see the colors in the sky and just enjoy each other’s company. It was such lovely weather and the sky was absolutely stunning. Also, I really wanted you guys to see this cute little outfit I got awhile ago. It’s such a cute outfit idea for dinners and such. The whole outfit, shoes included, were all under $50!! Again, Happy Birthday to the coolest amatuer photographer, sweetest person I’ve ever known. I am so beyond blessed to be here with you. Stay rad!




“Keep your face towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you” -Walt Whitman 


Crab leg entre from Latitude 31

A little (LOT) messy but so delicious! The whole atmosphere was vibrant and sitting outside really relaxed us all. They had live entertainment and the experience was all in all so great! If any of you are wanting to try crab legs, I highly recommend them (if you’re not allergic!). This picture was about halfway through our meal and then I, of course, remembered to snap a picture, haha. 



This little getaway vacation has been so great! It was needed and I will go back home so ready for whatever comes my way. We have to remember in life, to enjoy the little things. For me it’s simply just looking up and seeing the stars shine so bright. It’s so easy to get so caught up in our everyday lives, that we forget what it’s all about. Wake up early and take a walk, call your friends and loved ones just because, be in the moment and forget you even have a phone. This may sound a bit cheesy but we only get one life to live. Now that I really know have fragile life can be, I’ve stepped into a more positive, refreshing outlook on my life. This trip was only 3 days but it has been some of the best 3 days of my life. Thank you so much for the support and reading this little post. I really am so thankful for everything in my life, including you guys! I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing it!





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