Thank You

SO I am currently home in my comfy bed (FINALLY)! I absolutely enjoyed my mini vacation and I am so blessed to have had such an new, amazing experience. As I said in my previous post A Day In The Life: Beach Edition, I find beauty in the smaller things in life. My boyfriend and I rode around on the island on our bikes yesterday and I loved the scenery! This trip was so important for me, as I am still grieving for my brother. I try to not dwell on negativity or try to bring you guys down so before I get into this further I just want to let you guys know that! As I was saying, this trip was very much needed for me. Any of you that have lost a loved one may know the feeling that I’m trying to hard to explain, lol. Obviously I will always, ALWAYS miss my brother and I will forever love him but for me to process his death, I had to realize that he would not want me to be sad and down. Yes, I have my moments and days where I just can not get past the negative parts but the peace I eventually feel over powers that. So if you are going through anything like this, if you can, take a little vacation. It will let you focus on the positive thoughts and really block out the negative. I am just so so thankful to have the memories and years I had with him. This trip really opened my eyes so much and without realizing it, I got more peace from it. I came home and just felt to relieved and overall thankful for just life. I got to thinking about the support I’ve received from you guys and how lucky I am to be able to help others in any way I can. For a while after his death I was so iffy about talking to others about suicide or mental health and now I understand why. It is such a sensitive subject and again not trying to bring you guys down! I am still so protective over him and others that have similar troubles. A lot of people are so afraid of speaking out, in fear of what others will think and for the sake of their privacy. In no way am I asking for attention, I just want others to be educated and know the huge impact it could have if we actually speak out about it. This world is not perfect, no matter how much we might all want it to be; if it were, we would all have love and be rich, haha. Life is hard sometimes and this trip really just got to me and I said Thank You just so much to God and just for my life. So Thank You guys SO much for the support and Thank You for reading, even though it was a bit of a rant, lol!

For The Brighter Days Ahead…


To Write Love On Her Arms (Check It Out)




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