Hey Guys!


Earlier today I posted about an exciting collaboration opportunity: ANNOUNCEMENT!! The deadline for anyone wanting to join is August 31st. Anyone with a love for fall or all things scary are more than welcome to join the collab. There are 6 spots left and when those spots are filled I will let you guys know! When the spots are filled, the details of the schedule and other small details will be given. I do not want it to be just the same old collab posts, I really want it to be unique! The Fall season lasts about 3 months (September-November) and I would like it to go on through that. You can submit posts and schedule them to come out later or we could all figure a set schedule out that works for all of us as a team. As you can see, I’m very flexible and open to ideas. This collaboration is all about positivity and getting to do what we all love, writing! As I also said in the announcement post: storytimes, a day in the life. how-tos, make-up tutorials, Fall outfits, etc. are welcome!  Of course, credit will be given and we will all promote eachother and just create a positive, fun environment in general. The tiny details are still being worked out and this is just a little post to get the word out there and let you guys know a little more about the project, such as a Fall Series. So, if you want to join, email me at: cnleed22@gmail.com . Here is a link for my contact info as well: Contact . Ideas and suggestions are welcome! Simply send me an email with you name and blog’s name and tell me if you are interested! Thank you guys so much for the support, I look forward to working with you guys on this!!





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