It’s Fall Y’all!

For the next 3 months I will be collabing with 5 other bloggers. We are all so excited about this and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as we do! The theme for this collab is all about the Fall season; we will be posting weekly so keep an eye out for our posts:) I will also link all of their names at the end of this post, so if any of you would like to follow them please do! 

So today’s topic is all about getting ready for the Fall. I have a great love for the Fall season, as Halloween is included in the season haha. I go all out for Fall, it’s all about being cozy, tradition, and good food. Here are just a few things I do to prepare for my favorite season!


I LIVE in Bath and Body Works in the Fall. Their products always help me to get into the Fall spirit! Three big fragrances/flavors of Fall are apples,pumpkin, and cinnamon and B&BW incorporates those into their products. They have the best candles and Fall fragrances. I recommend all of the below for everyone to try if they have not already. My favorite Fall B&BW products are:

  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (Candle)
  • Sweater Weather (Candle)
  • Marshmellow Pumpkin Latte (Fragrance)
  • Champagne Apple & Honey (Fragrance)


I also get ready for the Fall season by preparing my clothing. There will be a future post at the end of the month going into my Fall outfits, so again look out for that post! I will not get into too much detail about the clothing but I can say that plaid is a must-have for fall! A pair of Bean boots doesn’t hurt anyone either haha! Going into Fall, your wardrobe obviously changes but the future post about my outfits will include how my wardrobe changes and the shopping I do for that:) I have included a must-have list below just in case you guys would like to check out some products and get a head start!:

  • Bean Boots
  • Plaid!
  • Beanie (Toboggan)
  •  Sweaters
  • Hoodies


When it comes to my home decor, again I go all out lol. Warm lighting, soft blankets, and of course HEAT! I am so cold natured so no more A/C does not break my heart in the slightest bit haha.  Again here is a little list on some things I have to have in my home for Fall:

  • Wreaths
  • Soft Blankets
  • Pumpkins (real or fake)



Thank you guys for reading! I know that this was a short post but it is an intro to this season’s collab so I didn’t want it to be too lengthy. Make sure to follow the bloggers included in the collab, if you would like to! They are all creative, well-written writers with their own outlook on life!:) Keep a look out for each of their blog posts throughout this week and for the rest of the Fall season as well!


Jacqueliine Joy- a sweet, free-spirited Mommy. She is an overall lifestyle blogger so go show her blog some love you guys!  Jacqueliine’s Blog Site


Varsha- originally from Aruba, this kind-hearted woman writes on life and some yummy recipes! Check it out!! Varsha’s Blog Site


Jerry- one of my favorite bloggers, he uses excellent descriptive language and he is a devoted Christian with a purpose to help others. Jerry’s Blog Site


Jenna- I relate to this sweet girl so much! She promotes self love and respect, I recommend her blog very highly. Please go and check it out!:) Jenna’s Blog Site


Morgan- one of my first followers lol! She blogs about life and fitness and has great reviews and tips for fitness, college life and beauty! Morgan’s Blog Site 


XOXO Love, Lee


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