I Would Give Anything.

Okay so today is World Suicide Prevention Day. The entire month of September is dedicated to raising awareness and hope for the ones who feel as if they have none. I’m going to share something extremely personal and close to my heart; I feel as if my purpose in life now is to tell my story, my Brother’s story and maybe, just maybe something will change or someone will be saved. 
In April of 2016 I lost my bestfriend, my comedian, my heart, my little Brother. You never think suicide will effect you or your loved ones in any way, at least I didn’t.  In no universe did I ever think I would ever be living life without him. He was only 15 years old and he lit up my life everyday. Seth was a shining light in this world filled with darkness. There are no words to describe the emptiness I feel without him here. This post is not to discourage or bring anyone down. I just want anyone who hurts this way to know that you are not alone. No matter how hopeless or alone you feel,  someone out there is fighting for you;  I’M FIGHTING FOR YOU. There are no excuses that should be made for bullies or mental health issues. Mental health issues are real!  Mental health is just as important,  if not more,  as physical health. 

No one wants to talk about suicide. It’s such a sensitive topic and I understand that. But if we do not talk about it,  how will there be justice for the loved ones we’ve lost?  How will we save others? I never want any families or friends to lose the light on their lives to suicide. It is so heartbreaking,  I can not begin to describe how it feels even today. You still have to continue with your life after any kind of loss, even when you just want to break down. The world still turns and people will say or do things to remind you of what happened,  but it isn’t their fault, they do not know what you’re going through. 

I am in no way a pro writer or speaker but I do know that I should speak up and talk about what happened. Not only should I speak up for my brother,  I should speak up for everyone who has felt that there was no better way. I should speak up for the broken and so have felt forgotten. Please reach out,  please speak up and raise awareness. There’s still so much to be done and said. I know that if someone asked me,”What would you give to have your brother here today? “, I would give ANYTHING💛
“You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing.” E.B. White 

I loved you then,  I love you now,  I love you always. Rest in the sweetest peace little Brother.

To Write Love On Her Arms

You guys check out the above site. It’s something that has helped and educated me. Thanks so much for reading. Remember,  you are never alone. 
     XO LEE


26 thoughts on “I Would Give Anything.

  1. Not a lot of people care enough for others to put themselves aside and listen or watch. Thats why I’m glad you made me aware of this – World Suicide Prevention Day. Thanks for sharing that Lee. He looks like a great person to have known and shared life with. God Bless.

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  2. Damn Lee. You extremely brave for sharing your story with everyone. Suicide is not an easy thing to talk about especially to the victims it leaves behind. I appreciate you shedding light on a dark topic like this. I’m proud of you, and most importantly, so is your little bro. Much love darling. โคโœŒ

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  3. Wow, Lee, you’ve been through a lot! I’m so sorry about your brother. I can’t imagine a world without mine.
    I feel like so many people are afraid to talk about suicide. It’s so sad that it’s still considered a sort of taboo. Mental health issues really ARE real. A lot of people brush these issues away. Or because they can’t always be physically seen, they’re considered as “something in your head” or being “dramatic” or “weak”. It’s awful how society treats these issues. You’re completely right. More awareness should be shed on this topic. You’re so brave for writing so openly about this. โค

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  4. Sent just ‘this’ oops haha. This honestly broke my heart to read. You never think it will happen to you. I have had so many close friends attempt and then realise after what they’ve done and I’ve helped them out. It’s a horrible feeling to even think you may lose someone – let alone the reality. Touched xxxx

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  5. I love everything about this post. Today, I was scrolling through my instagram and saw that a post about a girl I knew who took her life. I wasn’t close with her, but she had a life. She was a friend to many, a daughter, and so much more. It broke my heart because I’ve been there done that, but I’ve never gone through with anything. I was never diagnosed with depression but I feel like I have some symptoms. Thank you for sharing. That’s a sad but so powerful story about your brother. I’m sorry for your loss. Thank you for this post!


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