FALL Into Georgia

Hey Guys!

 I’m back with another Fall Collab post! My fellow collab bloggers will be linked below so make sure you check their blogs out and give them a follow if you would like to!:)

This week’s topic is 5 places to visit in our states. I live in Georgia so I will be giving you guys a few suggestions on some cool places to visit in the Fall! I have yet to visit these places this Fall so all of the pictures I’ve gotten are from Google Images!:)

   1.   Six Flags Over Georgia (FRIGHT FEST):  Open from September 24-October 31

 A lot of you might know about six flags but during the Fall (due to Halloween) they turn the park into a “Fright Fest”. There are so many different activities not only for teens and adults, but for toddlers and younger children as well! I recommend this to anyone visiting Georgia in the Fall and looking for a scare!   sixflags

   2. Netherworld ( HAUNTED HOUSE): Open from September 23-November 5

(1,2,3 of November Closed)

                      Netherworld is, in my opinion, the BEST haunted house in Georgia! I have not visited all of them but I would imagine Netherworld is extremely hard to beat! They change their theme every year and have had so much success! Please visit this horrifying set-up this fall and get a good scare! Just don’t get too scared and lose sleep;)netherworld

              3. Southern Belle Farm:  Open from September 17-November 6

                 I am so into going out to a farm, picking out an ENORMOUS pumpkin , and going into the mind boggling corn maze! It’s a really big family place and the staff are all so friendly and welcoming. Southern Belle Farm is a beautiful site to see! Go out to Southern Belle Farm and get a big pumpkin and participate in the other fun activities!!

   4. The Perry Fair: Open from September 9-October 9

This is just a traditional place to go in the Fall, everyone loves a good fair! Perry fair is among one of the best fairs I have ever visited! Also, THE BAND PERRY plays there on October 8th and LYNARD SKYNARD is playing on October 15th!! Go out and get a good corn dog and/or (in my case AND lol) and ride some thrilling rides! perry-fair

5. Stone Mountain: 

There are 3 specific events that I recommend:

PUMPKIN FESTIVAL (September 30-October 30)

A TOUR OF SOUTHERN GHOSTS (October 14-October 30)

INDIAN FESTIVAL & POW-WOW (November 3-November 6)

Stone Mountain is such a beautiful place to be all year round but I recommend is most in the Fall. I hike a lot and the best time to hike around this mountain is this time of year, it’s not too hot or cold, the leaves are changing color, and it isn’t that crowded! stone mountain.jpg

That is all for today guys! As you can tell (AGAIN LOL) I am a huge horror fan and I love all of these places! I hope you guys enjoyed this and be on the look out for more Fall Collab Posts because we post every week! I will include a link to my previous fall post below as well! Thank you guys so much for the support on my previous posts as well!

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                                                                    XO, LOVE LEE



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