Warming Up To Fall

Back with another weekly post for my Fall collab! I’ve enjoyed coming up with new, creative material this past month of September and I’m now looking forward to October! As always, my fellow collab bloggers will be linked at the end!

I’ve decided to do this post a bit differently than your typical “Fall Look Book”. I’m going to go over three must-have clothing items and well you will see!:)


Out with the old, in with the new! It’s that time of the year again to take out all of the bright colored bikinis and shorts and replace them with neutral tones and fuzzy socks (a.k.a. the most wonderful time of the yearrr!) I’m just going to list the things you need to have to survive the Fall season and also show you guys some awesome videos to help you get organized and to help you not spend over your budget for fall clothing! I do not own any of the pictures OR videos (Kalyn Nicholson owns the rights to those) shown on this post, they are just simply on  my clothing board on pinterest, lol.


  • Sweaters (over sized or fitting)
  • Boots 
  • Leggings



For my Fall organization, clothing, hauls, etc., I watch one youtuber in particular and there’s no one else like her. Kalyn Nicholson is my go-to youtuber for everything really but specifically fall. Kalyn is very positive and her videos are extremely helpful for me and I hope she is for you, as well!  Visit Kalyn’s Youtube Channel ! You will FALL in love with her channel (yes the pun was intended lol). She gives me so much fall inspiration and gets me in the Fall spirit. As a blogger, I support youtubers. They are doing what they love, just like we do as bloggers. I wanted to share with you guys the main  channel and person who has inspired me not only this Fall season but past seasons as well. There are 3 main videos that I recommend for clothing, saving money, and overall fall vibes:

  1. Getting Cozy For Fall (it is a short video and the part specific to Fall is at the end!)
  2. Fall Essentials + Obsessions! ( she goes over many fall topics, including Harry Potter! lol)
  3. How To Save Money ( this isn’t necessarily a Fall video but since the holidays are coming up and shopping season is here again, I thought that this would be helpful:) )


Okay guys, that is all for this week’s Fall post! We will be posting for Fall every week until December, so look out for not only my posts but my fellow bloggers as well! Thank you so much for the endless support and the support for this Fall collab. You guys are so awesome!! Below are the links to the creative bloggers that I am collabing with. Make sure to go check their sites out and follow them!

Morgan’s Blog

Jenna’s Blog

Jayee’s Blog


Jerry’s Blog


I post every Monday with the Fall collab, check out last week’s postFALL Into Georgia


                         XO LOVE, LEE


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