Frugal Fall Fun!

Hey Guys! I’m back with another exciting Fall post! Today I’m going to be telling you guys some awesome activities, that will not break the bank, to do this Fall. I will also include a really easy to use, FREE app that helps you keep track of your finances. This app will definitely come in handy when you are out enjoying the Fall activities that I am about to tell you about! Here is a link to the app: Personal Capital’s Net Worth App (IT’S FREE!). REMINDER: the costs in this post are not set, prices range. This is just my personal experience that I hope you guys will try! 



Body/Canvas Painting 


Even if you are not artistic at all, this activity is still so much fun! I am in no way a painter or artist but I had some paint just laying around my house and I decided to paint on my boyfriend’s back lol! This costed me $5.47 at Walmart! No money at all was put into this activity for me but since I was the one to buy the paint awhile back, I thought I would just include that for this post! The paint I used comes in a pack of 12 vibrant colors and it is also acrylic. I recreated Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas and some of his pumpkin friends lol! As I said before, this was so much fun to do and he was so excited to see what I did. It’s just one idea of many that you could do this Fall! 







I hike quite often, not only in the Fall; although, it is cooler and the colors of the scenery are more vibrant in the Fall. Hiking is definitely worth it, especially if you have never tried it! I 100% recommend you to try hiking this season. The only costs you will have to take into account is: the cost of gas if you drive to the location, cost of snacks and drinks, or if the location you are hiking at requires you to pay a parking fee or a fee of some kind. The park I usually hike at takes a $5 parking fee, my car usually is full at $20 worth of gas BUT to drive to the site it is only roughly $5, and the snacks (which usually include fruit, granola, and water) only costs me about $10. This is not a set price at all, you could even “hike” around your neighborhood just to enjoy the fresh, crisp autumn air!  




Scary Movie Marathon 


This is by far my favorite activity not only in the Fall but anytime I want to have fun and not spend too much money. It is so much fun to get your friends together to eat junk food and watch movies all night, lol! I choose this way to watch any movie because it’s in the comfort of my home or my friend’s home and I do not have to spend $11 on a ticket and almost $20 just on snacks! Last week, I posted my favorite “scary” movies, so make sure to go check that out before you start on this activity, Monster Movies! On average I spend MAYBE $4! $4 you guys, you can easily split the cost with your friends and still get a lot of snacks. If you consider Netflix or HULU an expenseeach cost about $10. Feel free to comment and tell me what scary movies you like to watch or what yummy snacks you like to buy/make for the movie marathon! 





Pumpkin Carving 


This is perhaps the most common fun fall activity! It is messy and a little trying of the nerves at times but to me it is such a good way to get creative in the fall season! There are so many different options and techniques; to your favorite superhero/villain’s faces, sports teams, initials, or even animals, etc.! The cheapest pumpkins I found are at Walmart for $4.00! Even if Halloween is basically over, this is still a fun, frugal Fall tradition! 





That is all for this Fall post! There is so much more you could do in the Fall that will not break the bank, these were just my favorites! Thank you so much for reading and if you have or do try any of these activities, comment and tell me about them! We still have one more month of Fall so look out for more of my posts about my favorite season!  


Happy Halloween Witches and Warlocks, Lee 



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